Elderly D​eclutter 60+
About Us​
ElderlyDeclutterService.com is an extension of Elderly CleaningServices.com.   After walking into many 
homes to clean it was obvious decluttering  was essential for safety and a clean clutter free homeElderly Declutter
Service is solely for our elders 60+ because of my passion and desire to help, serve and give back.

Home is where our heart  is and where we feel safe! More 
and more elders want to keep their independence and prefer to stay in their own home rather than moving elsewhere but need help with accumulated clutter, and here is where we step in and do the work.

We are here to help individuals stay safe at home for as long as they are able.  We are here to help declutter
before clutter gets out of control causing hording or serious injury and health issues.

We work diligently and judgment free room by room to remove unnecessary items from overcrowded areas. We
work with care to respect the integrity of everyone’s 
personal possessions. We are extremely committed to helping individuals get their home organized and life back on track!
Home is where our heart is​​
 Referral Program
Get 10% off when you refer friends and family  to use our service for a clutter free home. One per person